Wednesday, August 22, 2012

continuing family traditions

Day trips were a huge part of my life growing up. These trips we took together as a family are some of my favorite childhood memories. Rockport is one place that I still love visiting. Our parents took us here when we were little. We came as teenagers. And Josh & I even took a day trip here years ago when we first started dating. 

Not much has changed here over the years. Many of the same art & jewelry shops that I walked into as a kid are still here. The view of the boats in the ocean is just how I remember it. Pigeon Cove is still one of the most beautiful places here. It's definitely a "local" spot that not everyone knows about. The wooded trails still lead to the old lighthouse that we would climb. The quarry is still as beautiful & calming as it was all those years ago. And the long trail still leads to my favorite place by the ocean where we would climb the rocks. We would spend hours on these rocks, spreading out blankets & eating picnic lunches with a view of the dark blue ocean & watching the waves crash against the rocks.

A few weeks ago, Kennadie had her first experience in Rockport. Her favorite part of the day was eating ice cream (of course!) & exploring the same rocks & tide pools that I explored as a kid. I love continuing family traditions like this & including our own daughter in them now. So special! 

me, kennadie & my sister shopping & walking along the quiet streets 

kennadie & papa  


my family. kennadie, opa, oma, me, papa, my sister, nana & josh

ice cream break overlooking the ocean 

the quarry 

the rocks 

my little family 

finding a crab 

kennadie & nana

finding all sorts of neat stuff! 


ocdtalk said...

Beautiful pictures! I also used to visit Rockport and Gloucester as a child and have fond memories.......

Andrea said...

Thank you! That's awesome, small world right?! I love it there, it's just so pretty!