Thursday, July 5, 2012

writer's workshop: summertime fun

3.) List your top 7 tricks to entertain kids during Summer break. 

Although I am a “stay at home mom” I admit that we are hardly ever at home. I always have to be doing something &  coming up with different activities to do with my daughter. We have our days where we relax but we love getting out & having fun as much as possible!

Here are 7 things that I like to do to entertain my daughter in the summer:

1. Swim lessons. This is the second summer of her taking lessons & the first year that she is on her own in the pool while I sit on the side watching my little girl grow up too fast!

2. Summer reading program. This is the first summer she is participating in our town’s summer reading program & she is super excited about it. She loves books & is starting to learn how to read on her own!

3. Being a part of a Moms Group. I started a group up a few years ago & it's quite possible that we would go crazy without it! We have made some great friends & we usually get together with the moms & kids a few times a week. There's always something to do & others to do it with & it keeps both of us from getting bored!

4. Spending our days at the local lake or ocean. Beach days are one of our favorite activities. I am really lucky that Kennadie loves the ocean as much as I do. Most of the time if I ask her what she wants to do; her response is “go to the beach”. Some of my favorite moments with my daughter are at the beach. It’s such a great way for us to spend quality time together. I don’t check email, the cleaning & laundry at home can wait & every bit of my attention is with her. Bonus, she is tired by the end of the day!

5. Festivals. Any local festivals or fairs are always a blast. They are usually free or inexpensive & provide a ton of activities for the kids.

6. Day trips. Days spent at the zoo, at a local farm picking strawberries or heading over to a splash pad are always a blast. Plus, we make some great memories!  

7. Hanging out in the yard & by the pool. My parents live a few houses down & lucky for us they have a pool. We spend a ton of time there. Kennadie loves to swim & play around with us in the pool. If we are hanging out in our yard, we usually have picnic lunches on a blanket in the grass. Sidewalk chalk, riding bikes, blowing bubbles, running through the sprinkler or playing tag are among some of the fun things we enjoy doing together in the summer.  


Kimberly said... you need a vacation after summer vacation?
I'm trying to find things for us to do. You gave me some ideas :)

Lydia said...

These are great ideas for summer adventures. We have a local reading program, and our daughter loves going! :) Happy summer!

Dara Dokas said...

I love your list! I would spend all summer in water if I could. I sounds like your daughter might choose that too. My daughter is 14 now, but we still go on "adventures" around town. Just not every day. Some days we just hang out and read.

keepcalmandloveon said...

Yay for a summer reading program! When I was a kid, my favorite part of summer was the trip we would take every couple of weeks to the local library. Mom would let me load up a big box of books, which I kept under my bed, and I just read my little heart away. Your daughter will gain so much from you doing this with her!

Andrea said...

Yes, we love the water a lot also! We definitely don't go out every day either, we do love the lazy days hanging around the house :) & reading is huge here too!

Andrea said...

Not sure if it's the same where you are, but our library here is sooo much different than I remember it being when I was growing up. From story time to crafts, play areas to little concerts for the kids, there is really a ton to do at the library now! I do the same with her, we load so many books I sometimes wonder if they think we are nuts with the amount we take out!! So glad you had this experience too :)

Mama Kat said...

I agree, keeping busy and on the go is the best way to pass the days. My goal has been to always have something for the kids to do so that I can avoid hearing my least favorite complaint, "we're bored...." Sounds like you guys are having fun!

Jill said...

Great ideas! I wish we had a family pool and the beach nearby... but we do some of your other ideas. Reading, swim lessons, day trips, hanging out in the yard... fun! Enjoy your summer!