Friday, July 6, 2012

different kind of fun

I have to admit that since becoming a mom the things I consider fun have definitely changed a bit. The carefree days & late nights spent with friends have turned into early morning play dates, festivals that include face painting & bouncy houses, carnivals where I don't get to go on a single ride & hours of pushing my daughter on a swing at the playground. 

And somehow I am OK with this. 

Last weekend I took Kennadie to meet up with a friend at an ice cream festival a few towns over. All you can eat ice cream? Yes please! We ate tons of cookie dough & oreo ice cream, sat in the grass to watch a band play, the kids played on the playground (of course we couldn't escape that) & Kennadie actually wanted to have her face painted. She has been afraid to do this for whatever reason & I was probably more excited than she was when she asked to do it!

My sister travels a lot but tries to come home at least once a month. She was up here for the week & we were able to spend a ton of time with her. She was a proud auntie watching Kennadie at her first swim lesson of the summer.  

Tuesday night we headed out with the family for ice cream, a carnival & fireworks. Walking into the carnival, Kennadie began shrieking with happiness when she saw the ferris wheel. This was her first time on one & she loved it! She played her first carnival game & won a stuffed animal. Seeing her so happy & excited melts my heart. 


We celebrated the fourth of July relaxing & hanging around the pool with family. Oh & yes, that is Kennadie's great-grandparents having a taste of their first jello shot that my sister made! Such troopers! 


Jessica said...

I love the pictures!!!!!!! and I notice you are a fellow instagram-er!!! That app is so addicting! You're welcome to follow me, "countrymom777"

Kimberly said...

Whoa...i'm on ice cream overload. I have a weak spot for ice cream. I could eat it all day if my saddle bags wouldn't grow.
Loving the pictures.