Saturday, May 26, 2012

never be afraid to laugh at yourself

Most of my life I have always taken myself way too seriously if I am around people that I don't know very well. I am beginning to understand how important it is to be able to laugh at myself. Everyone has awkward & embarrassing moments, we are all human & I shouldn't be afraid to laugh at myself or make mistakes. 

Wednesday morning my monthly MOPS meeting ended early. Josh had the day off so I swung by the house until it was time to pick Kennadie up from preschool.

I threw my 30 pound bag that I call a pocketbook down on the kitchen island & slipped into my soft, fuzzy, leopard print slippers.

After a few minutes of talking with my hubby, I grabbed that ridiculously heavy pocketbook, hopped in my car & was off to get Kennadie.

5 minutes from her school, I happened to look down at my feet.

What else would I be wearing but those damn fuzzy leopard slippers?   


I glanced up at the clock in my car. There was no way I would have enough time to go home & grab an appropriate pair of shoes.

So, I did what any woman would do.

I called my husband.

"I have my effing slippers on!! I can’t walk in her school without shoes! What am I gonna do?!" 

Not surprised I would do something like this, he laughed.

"Ummm, not funny, this is a crisis!!"

There was nothing my husband could do. Even if he left at that very moment to rescue me from embarrassment, he never would have made it in time to pick her up.

After I pulled into the school parking lot, I jumped out of my car & opened my trunk. I was hoping some miracle would happen & a pair of shoes would appear.

Damn it!

I really have to do this. I really have to walk in there with my slippers on.


I made my way through the double doors into the school hallway. Parents were already in line waiting quietly to pick up their children.

Of course, I walked in & made a huge scene.

Before anyone even had the chance to notice my goofy looking slippers, I blurt out, “Yup, I definitely got in my car not having any idea my slippers were still on my feet!”

All eyes went straight for my feet.

Idiot. (That’s what I was thinking in my head & wondering if they were thinking the same thing.)

They burst out laughing.

I laugh. 

One of the moms tried to make me feel better & told me about the time she walked out of her house with oven mitts on for gloves.  


"I had a little too much wine." 

You think?!

At least she had an excuse.

When the children were dismissed, Kennadie ran to me, wrapped her arms around my legs & slid her little hand into mine as we walked out the door to my car.

She looked down at my slippers.

"Silly mommy, we are supposed to wear shoes outside. You know, like people do."  

I smiled at her & we laughed.


Kimberly said...

That. Is. Awesome!
I actually have pj bottoms like that.
Yea, you have to laugh at yourself. I do it on the daily which is why I talk a lot about my diarrhea episodes...I make my mother proud.

Robin | Farewell Stranger said...

Excellent thing to laugh at yourself about. I always think about how it's pretty likely they'll relate. ;)