Friday, May 18, 2012

it's fun to pee on the floor

For as long as I can remember, every Mother’s Day we would get together with my dad’s side of the family. As much as I love big get togethers & spending time with family, the day was always hectic & not so relaxing for us moms.

A few days ago I had the radio playing softly in the kitchen while eating breakfast with Kennadie. The station had moms calling in to discuss what they really wanted for Mother’s Day.

I turned the volume up so I could clearly hear the women who were calling in over my loud 3 year old.

What did all of these moms want this year?

A day to themselves. 

The more I listened to these women talk about bubble baths, painting their nails & taking naps, the more I thought how awesome this idea sounded.

I love my family just as much as the next mom but the thought of having time to do whatever I wanted without any interruptions sounded too good to pass up.  

I decided this was exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day.

Josh woke up Sunday morning to our kid demanding to be changed.

I had to do nothing but lay in bed.

He jumped out of bed to get her & I heard whispering in the hallway, "Tell Mommy Happy Mother's Day".

Of course she had to be stubborn & refused to say it.

I get it, she’s 3.  

She pulled her little body up into our bed. I gave her a hundred kisses & we snuggled.

Josh insisted that I hang out in bed with Kennadie while he fed all 4 animals & went for a Dunkin Donuts run to get our favorite iced coffees.

Nowhere to go, nothing to do, whatever time it was didn’t matter. It was perfect. 

Kennadie & I eventually made our way downstairs to Josh cooking an egg breakfast & I was showered with cards, flowers & kisses.

After breakfast they left me to enjoy the day all by myself.  

For a few hours, I was left at home with no one to take care of. No ear piercing screams, whining or tantrums from the 3 year old. No demands from anyone…just silence.

My morning alone consisted of sorting through pictures & working on fun projects that I usually have to put off. I had time to do what I enjoyed without a single interruption.

It was wonderful.

Later that afternoon I showered & went downstairs feeling refreshed. I was ready to start the second half of Mothers Day at a cookout with my parents & grandparents (Oma & Opa). 

As I walked through my kitchen feeling all kinds of wonderful, Kennadie yells out, “I have to pee, I have to pee!"

“Then GO!”

As she wrestled to take off the 3 different dress up outfits that she had on, I ran to the bathroom to help her & there she was, peeing on the floor.

“It’s fun to pee on the floor!”

What the?!

She gave me this little smirk only a mom could love.

That refreshed feeling?

Gone! Just like that!

Next year, I may have to request a full day all to myself!

mother's day 2012 

with our oma (kennadie's great grandmother) 

Do you get much time for yourself to do what you want? I would love to hear about it! 


Kimberly said...

I told my husband that I will get to celebrate mother's day when my mom and his mom are long gone....I know that is so morbid and wrong but we spend the entire weekend catering to we should because they are awesome...but I don't get any time to just stop and breathe.
God I'm selfish aren't I?

AnnMarie said...

I wrote a big old list on my blog because that is the only thing that works over here. If it is in writing and there are people that will ask, "What did you get?" my husband is more likely to do something. He totally came through. I got a new laptop (for all my blogging that was extrememly stifled with the old one) and a spa day/night in June. It's exactly what I wanted. My birthday is in two weeks and I told him that I want one day a month to do anything I want (he gets a poker night that we have to plan around every month, why can't I get one?). I'll let you know if I get it. Happy belated Mother's Day and I have been there many times with pee on the floor!

Andrea said...

I read that on your blog! Love it! What amazing Mother's Day gifts for you!! Your husband did GOOD :)