Monday, April 2, 2012

party time!

Planning a birthday party can be pretty stressful. We didn’t have a party for Kennadie last year so I thought it would be nice to have one for her 3rd birthday. We had a stretch of warm weather a few weeks ago & I foolishly thought it was going to stay that way. I should know better.

Our plan was for her party to be outside in the backyard with the warm sun shining. Two days before the party I checked the weather & wouldn’t you know, snow & cold. Really? The only day in March we get snow is on the day of her party. That squashed the idea of it being outside. My sister flew in for the weekend from North Carolina so no matter what, we were having this party.

 I was stressing out over how everyone would fit in our house & what activity we could plan for the kids. Being stuck inside with 20 kids & nothing to do would probably end up in meltdowns & chaos.

So we hired a clown. I wasn’t sure how people would react to that. I hate doing things over the top & I also know some kids are scared of clowns. I guess we would see.

The party turned out to be a great success! Instead of everyone bringing presents for Kennadie, we signed up with Birthday Wishes & asked for donations. Birthday Wishes helps give homeless children birthday parties. Because of everyone’s generosity, we are now able to donate $80 to this great cause!

About 45 people showed up, the weather cleared up a bit & most of the kids went outside to play for a while. We had a ton of food, were able to spend time with our family & friends & the clown was a hit with the kids! She made them glittery tattoos & animal balloons. Everyone seemed to have a great time (including the adults).

 I am so glad everyone had fun & Kennadie had an awesome birthday & we were all able to share it with our amazing friends & family. We feel so blessed to have these people in our lives. 
Beautiful birthday cake made by one of my friends. 

Blowing out the birthday candles.Just like her mama & hates being the center of attention! 

Cake time! 

Kennadie, me, my mom & sis. 

Kennadie & the clown. 

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Ray said...

Great party ! you have a beautiful home. Glad i made it. My kids loved Clarity the Clown too.