Saturday, March 10, 2012

preschool already?!

Counting down the days until Kennadie’s 1st day of preschool on our kitchen calendar gave me mixed emotions. Is she ready for this? Maybe more importantly, am Iready for this? Just a tiny little toddler at the ripe age of 2.9, I was not sure if my hubby & I were making the right decision. I didn’t want to rush it. But we kept on counting down & soon enough the day came. 

It was love at first sight with this preschool. The teacher was sweet, soft spoken & patient. Immaculately clean white preschool room where you really could eat off the floor. Books lined up in perfect order on a shelf in a corner by 2 windows with a soft rug on the floor & 2 light blue toddler sized chairs for the children to sit & read. Classical music played softly in the background. School supplies color coordinated & perfectly lined up.  

This organized but relaxed environment is perfect for Kennadie. She loves to run around at the playground for sure & she gets a ton of that type of playtime with mommy & daddy, her friends & our moms group. But she also really loves to learn, is a very focused little girl & thrives off structure. Her eyes light up when she knows it’s a school day. She talks about the kids in her class & tells us how much she loves school & her teachers. Out of nowhere she starts reciting the pledge of allegiance, babbles on about Punxsutawney Phil-the ground hog, confidently tells us that the bears are hibernating & she flashes a huge smile when she writes a letter of the alphabet all on her own. These are the moments when we know we have made the right decision.

 Although she only attends preschool 2 days a week for a few hours, it was bittersweet sending her off into the classroom that first day. She walked right in without even turning around (a little heartbreaking? Yes) but we are so happy that she enjoys school as much as she does & my hope for her is that she will continue with this love for learning for many years to come. 

1st day of preschool 
 Daddy's little girl 

Mommy & Kennadie

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James and Jax blog said...

Aww, she looks SO proud. So do you and your husband! Great photos! :)