Wednesday, March 7, 2012

potty talk

Watching my daughter’s eyes glance carefully back & forth at the perfectly aligned potty seats on the shelves at Toys R US was bittersweet. I made it a big deal for her. Her Nana (Grandmother) & Oma (Great Grandmother) came along for the girl’s day out to purchase her first potty. She was only 18 months old at the time, young, I know. But she knew the potty dance like the back of her hand. She always got excited talking about going pee on the potty… & besides all of her friends were doing it. We never forced it but she quickly mastered the whole peeing on the potty thing. Ha, this potty training business is a breeze. Or so I thought.

Here we are 18 months later & the kid still refuses to poop anywhere but in a pull up. We only use pull-ups at nap/bed time so she has figured out her very own system on getting around pooping on the potty. She manipulates me into thinking she is going down quietly for a nap. She gives me a tiny little smirk as she closes her eyes & rolls over onto her belly.  I kiss her forehead, turn her music on, shut the door & make a mad dash to try to get as much checked off my to do list as possible during this precious limited “quiet” time.

She gives me a full 10 minutes. I check the monitor. She has her blankets, pillow & anything else she hoarded into bed with her thrown on the floor & she’s standing in the corner of her toddler bed. I know by now that this is my queue; she has pooped in that darn pull-up. She repeats her clever system…Every. Single. Day.

She doesn’t buy into my BS when I enthusiastically tell her how much fun it is to poop on the potty. She doesn’t care if she gets 2 m&m’s or if she gets a sticker. She doesn’t even care if she gets to pick out her own special “poop on the potty” toy at the toy store. Nope. She is completely content with pooping in that pull-up at nap time.

I am just as guilty as the next when from time to time I find myself comparing milestones with other kids. Her kid has been pooping on the potty for months, doesn’t use a pull up at bedtime & is younger than my daughter. I used to think like this. But I have learned that she will do things on her own time, when she is ready. For now, I will enjoy our little game at nap time & hang on to my “baby” for as long as she will let me. 
Ha, she told me! 


vanita said...

lol she is too cute. i tried to potty train my son at 28 months. this caused a lot of stress on both of us and he kept pooping in the pullups too. our pediatrician told me to wait until i felt he was ready to grasp the concept, not to worry about age or compare him to his 2 older siblings. he's 3 and 1/2 now. we started two weeks ago and we didnt even use pullups. he's doing great. only one accident so far! dont worry girl, she'll get it when she's ready. my youngest child is 2 and she seems to be ready. every kid is different.

Andrea said...

It can be stressful huh?! I agree, she will when she is ready!