Sunday, March 18, 2012

brain dump on a sunday

Kennadie has this new thing she does when it's nice out. 

kind of like a dog when it sticks its head out of the window. 

This is my last weekend of being in my twenties….kinda freaking out about that.

This is Kennadie’s last weekend of being 2. Why cant they just stay little forever?

I have been blogging for a month now. I love it & am so happy to get back into writing & letting my feelings & thoughts’s a great thing!

Just a week ago I wrote about Kennadie not pooping anywhere but in a pull up. This week she actually pooped on the potty “all by herself”...once, but I am so proud of her.

I wonder how we made it to age 3 without having any diaper blowouts or poop smeared all over the walls. 

I love how my daughter asks me to turn the car radio “slowly” (aka down) so she can hear her v-reader in the backseat. I don't tell her the right way to say it because I think it's so darn cute. 

I found the first tick of the season this week…in our house! Last year was bad with ticks & I have a feeling this year may be the same. Kennadie came up positive for lyme a little over a month ago. She was bit & we never even knew it. So this tick thing scares me.

I had my first ever ppd support call, only took 3 years to find one but better late than never. I cried on the call...I thought I was past all that, but I get very emotional talking about it. I love all the support that is out there & wish I had this type of support when I was first going through ppa/ppocd. So comforting to know that I am not alone. 

Kennadie & I made cupcakes for her first school birthday party. Bittersweet.

One of our cats that we rescued years ago has always had major issues. We believe he was hit by a car before we found him. We were back at the vets this week for him to have surgery & 3 enemas because he can't poop. Poor lil guy. 

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