Monday, February 20, 2012

it all starts with yes challenge

I found this challenge after reading Shhhh Kid. I'm Busy Blogging & I could totally relate. It’s awesome to know that I’m not the only mom out there that struggles with this sometimes daily. 

As a first time sahm, I admit that it’s extremely challenging to find the time during the day to get it all done. As much as it drives me insane sometimes when I notice the dust bunnies in the corner of the TV room, the crumbs on the kitchen floor, my inbox flooded with emails or the laundry & paperwork piled up, I try to remember that I am home with my daughter to create memories for her…for us. 

I am not perfect & there are definitely times when I think I need to get all this other “stuff” done & I forget the importance of playing with her. Living in the moment & trying to say yes to her more than saying “not now I’m busy” is something I have been working very hard on & when I do it, it is soo worth it. The smile on her face when we play makes me forget about all the not so important things!

One of my favorite things to do with her is playing pretend outside. Sometimes we pretend we have an ice cream shop & the rocks on the ground are the ice cream cones. Or we pretend that we are on a spaceship on the swings & we land on Mars looking around the yard for “baby aliens.”

My daughter & I absolutely love to dance & sing around the house. When “our songs” come on the radio she looks at me & says “mommy our song is on!!” When she says this we both stop what we are doing, we blast the radio as loud as we can & we run, dance & sing all over the house. It’s just our “thing” that we do & it is SO special to me!

 I know these little moments won’t last forever so I try to cherish them as much as I can. I make sure that I stop whatever it is that I am doing & dance with her.  

being silly 

enjoying playing in the snow with my little girl 

picnic lunch at the pond with my 2 babies! 

I took the challenge It all starts with Yes & hope you will too!  

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