Friday, February 24, 2012

friday brain dump

I have been wanting to write about things that happen during the week for a while (kinda like the way I kept a diary in high school) & since I started a blog I thought this would be a great way for me to do that. I first saw Friday Brain Dump on Beth Anne's blog (her blog is awesome by the way) & thought it was a great way to jot down stuff from the week. 

We had a sick kiddo with a fever & that dreaded barking cough. Yup, croup. From coughing so much, the poor thing is losing her voice. (She sounds like mommy after a Kenny Chesney concert.)
As much as I hate seeing my daughter sick, I can’t help but love all that extra cuddle time. I could cuddle her forever!

Dakota was finally groomed. He was a mess! I hate to say it but since having Kennadie my animals have taken a back seat to her. I just don’t have the time every day to brush my fluff ball like I used to. I love them though & he looks so pretty. 

Kennadie & I came up with the brilliant idea to give one of our cats a bath. He secretly enjoyed it. 

Kennadie had her 2nd haircut Thursday. Just like mommy with the leopard cape she chose & asking for her hair to be curled. Such a girly girl!

We had a playgroup at our house Friday morning with 8 of her besties. For some reason I make having people over a big deal. I insist on cleaning the day before & I ALWAYS make sure the toilet is clean (little secret of mine). Then after everyone has left I do it all over again. I put her toys back the way they go I like them to go & vacuum up all the Dunkin Donuts crumbs spread throughout the house. When will I learn that there is no point in cleaning before having people over?! I wouldn't have it any other way though. I love my mommy friends & the kids & I couldn't feel more blessed than to spend my Friday morning chatting with some awesome friends, drinking coffee & watching the kids have a blast playing! I would do it every week in a heartbeat! 
I made cupcakes for the kids & we had them do the frosting & sprinkles. Perfect end to the week! 

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