Wednesday, July 19, 2017

slow summertime

Right now I'm loving slow and lazy mornings, sitting in the back yard drinking coffee before anyone else wakes up, and the chill vibes that summertime gives off. We're mixing new adventures with pool days at home and enjoying everything summer brings.

A rainy day spent  bowling followed by a movie and takeout for dinner.

Bowling, despicable me 3 movie, and evening swim Bowling, despicable me 3 movie, and evening swim


Bowling, despicable me 3 movie, and evening swim

Summer sleepovers

Summer sleepovers

Lake hopping-

Since the closest beach at the ocean is an hour and a half drive it isn't always possible to just go at the last minute. It is usually an all day thing where the dogs need to be in daycamp and we have enough food and snacks packed to last the entire day. So we've been checking out a few different lakes that are much closer and don't require too much planning or a full day away. We took a short drive to Hopkinton beach the other day. I probably wouldn't go back to this beach because it was extremely crowded and wasn't really my scene and the boat rental line was long and overpriced but there are some really great trails to walk with the family and dogs and spots to let the dogs swim.

Hopkinton beach Hopkinton beach Hopkinton beach Hopkinton beach

Patiently waiting for the ice cream truck-

We've been trying to catch this truck since last summer. We thought we figured out the time on Sunday's that it comes around so the kids all went to the front yard to catch it this past week. But once again we had no luck. It is our mission to catch that damn truck this summer.

Summer sleepovers

After work bike rides around the track and cooling off in the pool with my girls.

Afternoon Bike riding and hanging out in the pool Afternoon Bike riding and hanging out in the pool Afternoon Bike riding and hanging out in the pool

Monday, July 17, 2017


What am emotional afternoon! At the end of summer last year I made a huge mistake and backed out of a weekend away with some of my closest friends. Although, of course, I didn't intentionally want to to hurt anyone, people were hurt- my actions hurt them, I was hurt, and the kids were hurt. These girls have been in my life since before Kennadie was two-years-old, they were some of my closest friends and they mean a lot to me. It breaks my heart to think about how almost a year has gone by without seeing or talking to them and all that has been missed. There is no point in having regrets in life because we can't change the past, but I have most definitely learned so much through this and I have thought about them often throughout this past year.

I was grocery shopping last week and I bumped into Laura there. It may sound silly but I swear it was fate- I had a feeling before I even walked in the store that I was going to see her, neither one of us ever shop on the day or time we were there, and I saw her as I was getting english muffins, something I very rarely buy. We talked and hugged and hugged again. I ended up meeting up with Stef, Laura, and Erin and all the kids today and I wanted to cry like a million times while we were there, I am just so happy to have them back in my life.

Each and every one of us make mistakes and not one of us is perfect, we all have our flaws and things we need to work on within ourselves. Friendships take work and can be messy at times and most definitely can and will have their ups and downs, highs and lows, just like any relationship. This tested us and I am just so glad and thankful that we made it through and past this. I truly believe our friendships can make it through anything as long as we put the effort in.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

her love for riding

Kenna's first horse show

Kennadie started riding last summer and fell in love with it right away. It's really no surprise because she definitely has a love for animals. We were going to sign her up for a professional show or two this summer but we decided to wait at least a few more months to make sure this is something she really wants and plans to continue with. But she had the opportunity to participate in a week-long camp with six other kids who ride at the same place. She absolutely loved this. They keep it very small and personable, which I thought was so awesome. They each had a horse that they took care of and rode during the week so that they could get a feel for what it's like to have a horse. She had Cosmo and was super excited about that because he is her favorite horse there. At the end of the week the kids participated in a show. She won one second place ribbon and two first place ribbons. All of the kids did such a great job and I am just so proud of her!

IMG_7219 IMG_7215 IMG_7221 IMG_7226 IMG_7243 IMG_7244 IMG_7250 IMG_7254 IMG_7263

Thursday, July 13, 2017

everyday moments


A light on words post but some photos from our summer so far.

She fell off her bike a few weeks back and has been terrified of riding ever since so we've been taking her out on our bike to help her get comfortable riding again.

Bike riding

And this one loves just taking off.

Bike riding

It's been raining most of the week and our tan lines are starting to fade, but we've been enjoying summer by spending as much time outside as possible whenever we can.

Spending time with cousins.

Cousins 💕 Cousins 💕

An evening of mini golf.

Mini golf Mini golf Mini golf

Handstands and cartwheels everyday.


Backyard sprinkler fun.


Making the most of a rainy day and heading to the aquarium.

Mystic aquarium Mystic aquarium Mystic aquarium Mystic aquarium

Summer happiness. Looking forward to seeing the sun again real soon.

Masons 6th bday with family Masons 6th bday with family Masons 6th bday with family Masons 6th bday with family

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Spring Lake beach


It was supposed to rain on Saturday so I had planned on us taking the girls bowling and then to see the new Despicable Me 3 movie. However, when we woke up I checked the weather and I was so happy to see that forecast had changed and it was going to be sunny out. We grabbed our summer bucket list sheets and chose to check out Spring Lake Beach in Rhode Island. The girls and I had a lot of fun-despite Nicole throwing a huge fit toward the end and screaming at me in front of everyone at the beach :) This lake wasn't the best one I have been to and although it was pretty clean it wasn't the cleanest I've been to either, but there's a bunch of fun things for the kids to do- an arcade, a small playground, colorful boats to take out, food, a patio to sit and eat lunch on that overlooks the lake and beach area, a dock you can swim out to, and slides that kids can slide down right into the lake.

IMG_7196 IMG_7192 IMG_7182 IMG_7166 Spring lake beach RI Spring lake beach RI Spring lake beach RI Spring lake beach RI Spring lake beach RI Spring lake beach RI